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Learning Resources

Publications and References

Check out these original Step By Step Music publications including educational articles and handy reference materials.

Basic Notation for Treble Clef

Basic Notation for Bass Clef

Learn the basics of reading music for both treble clef and bass clef

Notes on Guitar

Notes on Electric Bass

Notes on Upright Bass

A reference sheet showing notes on the neck, whole steps & half steps, and open strings on the staff

Repeats and Codas

Understand songbooks by learning to follow repeats, codas, endings, and more

Diatonic Chords - Reference Chart

Diatonic triads and 7th chords listed for all 12 major and minor keys

Major Scale Patterns on Guitar

Learn 3 distinctly different ways to

play your major scales.

It’s all about managing that B-string!

Common Intervals for Guitar

Common Intervals for Bass

Learn and understand common intervals on guitar and bass

Building and Defining Chords

Understand how chords are built and how to analyze them

Building I, IV, and V Chords

Building ii, iii, and vi Chords

Use these visual references to understand I, ii, iii, IV, V, and vi chords

Chord Diagrams and Simple Chords

Learn how to read chord diagrams and play simple 3-string chords

Common Chords

Learn 24 of the most

common chords played on guitar

Moveable Chords for Ukulele

Learn these 9 moveable chord shapes to teach yourself major, minor, and dominant 7 chords up and down the Ukulele!

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